The Rabbit Hole

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sugaraddictionEven coaches succumb to the sugar addiction cycle.  While I would like to think I could resist or had measures in place to prevent going into this cycle, I am just like each and every one of you.  I sometimes fall into it and have to work my way out of the rabbit hole. 

For me it took a stressful event that lasted months, i.e. my youngest son’s wedding, subsequent house hunting and moving.  Like I said, this was not a day event, this lasted months.  They married in August and lived with us until they found a house within their budget and move.  This arrangement was not easy on any of us. 

During the let down of the stress, the grand babies were over to make sugar free, flour free chocolate chip cookies.  Man this is one of my favorites and the baking of them smelled of pure comfort. I was ready for comfort.  I succumbed to one.  This led to another one the next day and frankly it kicked my butt and the cycle began in my need and want for sugar.  While I then resorted to healthier options of raisins, grapes and nuts, my sugar sensitive body just could not handle this change of ratios and I was in a downward spiral of eating sugar every day.  Sound familiar?

Finally after 3 weeks of this daily sugar binge, I was able to stick to 5 days of protein and veggies and break the cycle abet with a lot of physical and mental pain.  During this time, I ‘knew’ what to do but the desire and addiction was so strong.  It was messing with my body giving me lots of physical pain, changes in my bowels, and decreased mental clarity.  Even after being clean for several weeks, I am still feeling the detoxing with changes to my estrogen (sore breasts), runny nose, achy joints and a strong desire for sweet things.  Thankfully though, I am at the top of the rabbit hole and my ability to resist and use my safety measures are in place.

The sugar addiction cycle is real.  All it takes is a stressful event to allow our guard down and succumb to temporary comfort (sugar).  The rest is chemically and mentally driven and can be difficult to get out of alone with our fuzzy thinking.  Getting rid of ALL temptation, developing a plan of action and having a coach guide you are all powerful ways to step our of this cycle.  The holidays are right around the corner. Getting out of the rabbit hole now will be powerful tool to making it through clean and healthy.

peggi color editedPeggi Ingram RN BSN