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david_10_resizeDear Dave,

I understand I should be drinking one gallon of water each day but I am overwhelmed at all the choices. Is there an advantage to Alkaline, distilled, spring, or any of the other choices? Is tap water OK to drink? 


Wondering Over Water,

New York

Dear WOW,

Great question and one that I am very happy to explore further. I have been deeply interested in this for several years and keep learning more. I am happy to pass on what I have come to understand.

First I will give you the very simple answer: drink water that tastes and smells good to you. A lot of it. Often.

We regularly underestimate how sensitive we are as organisms. Our bodies tell us what we need and what we should not consume through sensation, pleasure, pain, and discomfort. They tell us when something is just right by giving us that sensation of balanced, deep pleasure. This is how I feel when drinking pure mountain spring water – it is absolutely delicious! I have drank water filtered through moss in a rainforest – it was the most divinely delicious water I have had. I have also had city water so off, so smelly, that I had to leave it in the glass for an hour to off-gas prior to drinking. The message from my body was without confusion:

Spring water = YES. City Water = NO.

So lets say you do not have the good fortune of having a mountain spring to harvest water from. You can still gain information by trying different waters. Of course the ads and labels will always insist THEIR water is best…but I say investigate a bit more when looking for a long term source.


The economical DIY choice for cleaner water wherever you live. Brita and Pur brands work well and remove most of the harmful chemicals that are in our municipal water supplies.


There is BIG MONEY in selling purified tap water. Sometimes salts and minerals are added, sometimes not. Either way this is city water – filtered, pumped into plastic, stockpiled and sold at massive profits to the bottler – Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle are all big players in the purified game. I avoid these really at all costs. They taste bad and have terrible potential environmental consequences.


Water that flows up through the earth is spring fed; it is filtered by the earth, contains essential minerals, and usually tastes excellent. Many companies offer spring water – I suggest finding one that is semi local and bottled in glass.


A relatively new ‘healthy choice’ in waters; these offerings claim to assist your body in raising your ph levels. In general terms our bodies tend towards acidity when not balanced and healthy, by consuming more alkaline foods and water we are raising our overall ph and assisting our bodies maintain balance.


Now we delve into the metaphysical! Nature is profoundly energetic and it ‘gives’ energy to all things. Water is really the conduit of all nature – transforming through its various states, giving life, taking life, and always in movement. When water sits in toxic or stagnant conditions (think ‘purified’ water bottling plant…or chlorinated city water) it is essentially ‘deenergized.’ It will taste flat and not serve your body as well as before it lost its energy. Now you can buy ‘energized’ water by the bottle. Now the astute observer (yes you mom) may note that once ‘energized’ water waits for you in a plastic bottle…is it still energized? You decide. Taste it and see how it feels in your body. Personally I do taste the difference between energized and purified water – but I have a harder time differentiating energized from pure spring water.


Enjoy your water! It is essential life giving stuff. Pay for it when needed. Give thanks for it and to it at every opportunity.


Read the SECRET LIFE OF WATER by Masaru Emoto, it truly is remarkable! He literally studied and photographically documented the effect of multiple influences, including prayer and negativity, on water.

Watch the SECRET OF WATER – a film that incorporates Mr Emoto’s studies into a VERY DENSE 1 hour and 17 minutes that held me absolutely riveted, amazed, and left me with a much deeper appreciation for this most humble and under appreciated divine substances; water.

Thank You Water!


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