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Angela asks: So this past summer I have let myself go.  I have joint achiness, reflux and of course gained more than I want to admit.  How do I get back on track?

Great question Angela.  During the summer it is not unusual to get into a relaxed schedule and frame of mind.  The summer BBQ’s and activities can lead us into some former habits and the number on the scale can have us unglued.  The best way to get back on track is Log Your Food.  I really can’t emphasize this enough. This simple act has many great benefits. 

First, by logging our food we acknowledge WHAT we are putting in our mouths.  This is huge. We acknowledge it really was not just one chip but the whole bag. Second, we begin to take responsibility for what we eat.  We acknowledge that if we want something different we must DO something different.  Next, we get into the habit of tracking which really is a recommitment of how important we are.  Finally, we may even begin to plan our food in advance and start to make positive changes of more clean protein and less junk. So you can see this simple act of ‘just’ journaling our food is HUGE in make strides to getting back on track. 

Also, if you have not signed up with a coach or lapsed in coaching, it is a great time to (re)kindle a relationship (accountability) with one.  Coaches keep it real and are great resources in helping clients get on track to meet their health goals quicker.  For more information or to get set up a call with a coach http://www.genesistransformation.com/contact.php

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