Back to School – Back to Health

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back-to-schoolI hope your summer has been like mine, a relaxed schedule and yet a whirlwind of activities fit into the very short warm weather; Boat trips, days with the grandbabies, and of course celebrating my son’s wedding.  Summer months can definitely through us for a loop in our quest for health.

When I reflect on my summer, I am happy with how I kept my healthful lifestyle of eating, water intake, outdoor exercise and meditation during this chaotic time, but feel I didn’t visit as many farmer’s markets as I would have liked.  Good news is that even with school resuming summer is not over. The best of the farmer’s markets are just beginning. I still have time.

Taking a few minutes to reflect on our current situation (weight, disease, frame of mine) and the past behavior that got us here is the first step to Change.   So I ask you, what of your summer has gone well and not as planned for you?  What is it that you would like to change or do better?  The start of school is a great time to recommit to your healthful lifestyle.  Get back on schedule.  Journal your food. Plan your meals to make it easy to get out the door and also have food prepped for dinner.  Take a break during lunch and walk outside or do a short weight workout. Add one more quart of water.  Rekindle the quiet of a morning meditation and see what changes in your day. 

Fall and school starting is like New Years.  A time of reflection and setting new commitments.  What new habits are you committing too?

peggi color editedPeggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Coach

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