One Action

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The Law of cause and effect states that all actions have consequences and produce specific results, as do all INACTIONS. The choices we make will produce corresponding outcomes or effects, 100% of the time and nobody is exempt from this law.

Often we overwhelm ourselves with the many rules we’ve picked up over the last 20 years on how to “be healthy” and most contradict one another.  It can be quite confusing so let’s simplify.  Each day we are generously gifted another 24 hours to choose our future selves by actions made today.

Ask yourself each day, what is one thing I can do today to feel better tomorrow?  These might seem like “small things” that could not possibly change your health, however; if you link 365 of these items together, one year from today you will have SIGNIFICANT transformation.  Below are several life changing actions to choose from.  Choose one each day, repeat your favorites.  And keep in mind – cause and effect.

Drink more water today  *  Go for a Walk  *  Lift weights at the gym  *  Attend a yoga class

Eat more protein  *  Swap out sugar with raw honey  *  Remove sugar completely today

Substitute eggs at breakfast for cereal  *  Eat a salad instead of using bread at lunch

Drink Pellegrino with lime instead of alcohol  *  Journal Food  *  Get to bed one hour earlier

Read instead of TV today  *  Only speak kind words today  *  No complaining today

Call an old friend and tell them how important they are  *  Help a neighbor shovel

Have a cup of coffee with family member and just listen  *  Take an Epson Salt Bath

Remove 27 items from your house/day for 9 days straight – donate all of it

Share your talents for free to someone in need today  *  Anonymously send your friend a good book

Allow your spouse to be “right” all day long today, notice how YOU BOTH feel at the end of the day

Write a thank you note to someone who changed your life  *  Learn a new art – like painting, knitting or dancing

Clean out a closet  *  Paint a room a new color  *  Buy someone a cup of coffee

Volunteer at the local animal shelter  *  Smile at 20 strangers today

Visit elderly family for a game of cards and great conversation  *  Ask a stranger how their day is going

Wish telemarketers great success today  *  Eat only whole foods today,nothing out of a package, jar or box  

Cook and package food for the next 4 days  *  Make GT mayo, Ketchup & BBQ sauce  

Go bread-free today  *   Meditate for 20+ minutes  *  Bake a GT dessert for someone’s birthday

Set a crockpot on low with roast, carrots and potatoes before leaving for work vs. takeout

Journal about life with paper and pen  *  Google all of the names for sugar and then eliminate those foods from house

Replace a conventional veggie with organic and then stick to it  *  Swap out table salt with Pink Himalayan Salt

Drink a cup of tea instead of a alcohol after work today  *  Bring Walnuts/raisins to the movies instead of popcorn

Search for the beauty in the middle of a chaotic week and write about it

Go to the farmers market and cook dinner for friends with fresh local foods  *  No electronics for an entire weekend

Detox from social media for one week   *  Dedicate 10+ minutes/day to learning about one of your favorite topics

Write a list of people you look up to and next to each name, write down one quality they contain that inspires you.  Write a side note of actions you may take to embody those same qualities.

One Action, might be just what stands in between you and your desired outcome.  Food is a huge contribution to feeling better, it is just one of the majors in transformation though, notice if eating clean seems easier by choosing a few of these other options too.   A hint on something I’ve picked up on from my process and continue to work on…..whichever action we resist the most is the exact action that can lead us to our dreams, goals and desires 🙂 

With Loving Support to Your Best Year Yet,

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