Feeling Stuck? Time to Let Go!

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Our cells, health, lives, work, bodies, relationships and minds are in constant motion of change.  There is no getting away from change.  Did you know our cells completely change every 7 years? WOW, how awesome is that?  Your actions today create your body 7 years from today!

We have the choice to utilize change towards our highest good, OR we can resist change, regardless of how we react to it, our world is constantly changing.

Think about standing in a river with a constant water flow.  If we stand still, we utilize a lot of energy to keep us stuck in place.  We may grow tired from fighting the force, we may get hurt by debris knocking us down, yet we stand in the same place…maybe out of fear, maybe out of the unknown from what lies ahead?  The reason doesn’t matter, what is reality – our environment never stopped changing, our cells didn’t stop changing, opportunities for advancement flew right by as we just stood still.  Is this scenario embracing change or resisting?  Does resistance make our life easy or difficult?


If fear of the unknown sets in SO greatly , we may decide to go AGAINST the force of change and push AGAINST the stream to go back where we came from.  We would be so worn out, we would have to fight against the flow of water & debris, we may become unstable, the rocks that once were there to support us, may have moved.  We won’t have a solid foundation and will fight like mad to go back.  If we’re do not have a solid foundation beneath us, are we able to produce GRAND and LASTING results of transformation?

IF we choose to surrender to the flow of change, to embrace the unknown, lift our legs up and jump into that energy stream…suddenly change becomes easy, fun and exhilarating, normal.  Oddly, we advance in health, career, relationship and certainly joy.   We’re along for a ride, we’re not fighting change, we’re rolling with it, we’re exercising faith.  Who knows, we may eventually be spit out into a serene and peaceful Bay with beauty and peace surrounding us.  Only those who hop into the flow of change and embrace the unknown will experience this place.  Do we truly want to resist living in this place?

easy float

Change allows us to leave behind what doesn’t work for us and to accept new behaviors, resulting in a desired body, desired state of health, career, relationships, joy and excitement.

If we always do what we always have done, we can always expect the same results.

Remember – the brain wants comfort, control and predictability.  From the scenarios above, it seems letting go opens up the door to launch us into a place we have never been before. I’ve never experienced optimal health with my past comfort zones or stubborn beliefs of “how to do it”.

Are you willing to embrace change?  How So?

Enjoying The RideKatie Surjan, GT Coach