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Food MatterFood Matters (2008)

Runtime: 80 min

Directors: James Colquhoun, Carlo Ledesma

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.” – Hippocrates, this quote sums up the sentiment of this film. While watching this film we are reminded that everything we put in our mouths is either causing regeneration of our cells and body or the degeneration of our body, the choice is ours.

Overall this is a great documentary to watch. There is a lot of interesting information about our food supply and the link to many common diseases that plague our world. More importantly how our current medical system is treating these diseases, and how between the use of food and vitamins many of these ailments can be cured without the use of harmful drugs and chemicals. The cases that were discussed however were very extreme, and entailed extreme protocols that could easily be confused for recommendations for a daily lifestyle. This documentary emphasizes naturopathic and holistic approaches for disease treatment, rather than focusing on prevention.

lyndsey headshotThe prevention methods that are discussed, I did not agree with. Food Matters explains the importance of a plant based vegan diet in order to prevent disease. The film states the harm that animal products cause the body. What is not specified is the origin of the animal product, is it a cow that has been fed hormones and antibiotics? Or is it a cow that was solely raised on grass? The film simply condemns all animal products and devalues the bodies need for protein.

I feel this film should be viewed from the perspective of alternative methods of treatment for serious diseases, rather than a healthy lifestyle protocol. The information provided about the true power of food is really amazing, and how our world has provided us with everything we need to have strong healthy bodies. Ultimately, this film boils down to you are what you eat!


Coach Lyndsey Marshall

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