Genesis Transformation Mastery Program – Chicago, 2014

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” …Mastery has been LIFE CHANGING.  It has truly opened my eyes and my heart to all that needs to be improved in my life and it has truly helped me in so many aspects of my life.  I recommend Mastery to EVERYONE! “~ A.Z.

photo 1“This program has changed my life for the better.  I can honestly say that this is who I am.  Before GT I was drinking all the time and being someone who I wasn’t.  I do not regret my past because it has helped me appreciate who I have become.  Mastery has helped me grow even more and continues to help me each day.  Sheri, I am truly grateful for you developing this GT process…This program is life changing!” ~ A.D.

“Very informative to self accountability. And the tools needed for self-analysis.  Correct posture is an added bonus.” ~Anonymous

“I’d absolutely recommend this program to others…Learning about ourselves and what’s needed to be healthier is important, but learning how we get in our own way is key to changing our behavior, habits and destiny!!” ~K.C.

“This is real.  It teaches you about life and the human body.  As well as health and how to be happy in your own photo 1 (1)skin.” ~K.E.

” The best way for me to recommend this program is to live the program.  On every level it supports an improved way of living.  It is authentic and well thought out and the results are proven. My gut supports this program so it must be heaven based rather than hell based.” ~C.D.

“As I get more comfortable with my process and show the world – this is me and I am whole, healthy and happy, more people will want to learn about GT.  My experience with GT has been so positive.  I have learned so much about myself and have worked hard in changing my thinking.” ~C.R.

“I would most definitely recommend the course for others who are interested in going deeper into the GT process.  I’ve enjoyed learning that its really not all about food, its the psychology of our being and how we were created.” ~J.R.

photo 2

The results of our knitting challenge…

photo 1 (2)“This process can only push someone to their higher purpose in life creating the person they truly want to be without judgement.” ~C.M.

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