RN Advice: Comfortable Change

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Peggi profileHave you ever noticed that some people sail through change with little upset and others have such intense disdain/upset for any little change to their normal routine? As a young child, I would move my room around every month.  It felt good to come into my room and see it from a different perspective.  I loved it!  Then there were years in my late 20’s when I wanted everything in specific order and felt great upset with minor changes to my schedule or routine.  Now I am back to enjoying changes and actually embrace them.  So what is different?

Change does a funny thing to our heads.  We are wired for comfort, control, and predictability.  This means we usually want little changes or controlled changes to keep us comfortable.  Change – whether to our bodies, the food we eat, our routine or even our surroundings requires that the brain must become active in its sensory and thought patterns. In other words, we are not working through habit.

As with everything else, to become more comfortable with change we must practice: sit in a different spot in a meeting, take a different route to the store, park in a different area of the lot, experiment with a new hair style or try a new food/recipe once a week.  These minor changes keep our brains actively engaged  and open to the bigger changes that are taking place with our personal transformation with less distress.    Start your practice today!


Peggi Ingram, RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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