Independence from Old Thinking

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About 10 months ago when I started my Genesis journey two words coming from my coach had me in utter disbelief.  Those words went against everything I had held consistent with the process of weight loss.  I couldn’t believe she was asking me to refrain from these two dearly loved words that had helped me drop some weight in the past;  “No Cardio!”  How was I ever going to lose weight without cardio?

After having two kids my weight had ballooned to an all time high.  In desperation, I started to go to the gym every single day in the morning before work.  I stuck to the cardio machines because I thought that’s just what you do to lose weight.  I also started running consistently and trained for a half marathon and a sprint triathlon.  Some of the weight came off, but I knew my body was still not as healthy as it could be.  It was evident in the fact that I kept on getting sick, I couldn’t drop anymore weight, and I still looked flabby and soft.  I thought my GT coach was completely mental, but I gave the no cardio thing a try.

It was really hard to over come the feelings of insecurity of being on the wrong side of the gym.  I had rarely crossed over the line to the weight machines and the free weights.  It was awkward being on the side with all the buff men and women.  Then it dawned on me like the brilliant sun of a brisk morning, all the toned, fat-free people are on this side of the gym and all the overweight, flabby people are on the other side using the cardio machines!!  Who do I want to be like?  Then why would I not workout as they are working out?  It just made sense!

Slowly I started to develop my freedom from cardio.  I even took rest days, which were literally unheard of previously.  As my mind was wrapping around the well-balanced approach to exercise of incorporating muscle building and some cardio along with eating clean, my body began to change.  I broke through the number on the scale and I started to develop muscle tone.  I actually have a bicep that’s visible when I flex and my mother of two stomach doesn’t jiggle when I run anymore.  In addition, I’ve been learning that just as I would not work my bicep everyday, I also do not need to work my heart everyday with cardio.  I need to respect my heart as one of the most precious muscles in my body and train it appropriately.  I am free of the belief that cardio, cardio, cardio is the answer to FAT loss!

Jen R


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