RN ADVICE: The Sweet Taste of FREEDOM

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Coach Peggi Ingram, RN

Candy, chocolate, ice cream, pasta, bread: The sweet tastes of sugar. We crave these foods and feel we can’t live without them.  Initially we even feel better when we eat them. Food that contain sugar or readily break down into sugar such as bread and pasta are as addictive as cocaine, tobacco, or alcohol.

Ridding one’s self of an addiction is not an easy task.  Sugar may even be more difficult to conquer as it is a socially acceptable substance that is virtually in all processed foods and drinks.  Like other chemical addiction total abstinence is the best approach to breaking the addictive cycle.

The acute phase of detoxification from sugars last approximately 3-5 days:

• Foggy head

• Irritability, restlessness

• Obsession or cravings

• Decreased sleep

• Dry mouth

• Joint achiness

• ‘Hangover’ feeling

While the acute phase is only a few days, the cravings and obsessions with sugary foods may last 2-3 weeks or even up to 5 months. Will power is not enough. Feeling Hungry, Anger, Lonely or Tired (HALT) will cause us to crave comfort foods.  Identifying the triggers is crucial so that we are prepared to effectively intervene in this automatic response cycle with a healthy snack, exercise, or a call to a supportive friend.

During detoxification, we need to increase our SELF CARE.  We must:

• EAT a protein and complex carbohydrate every few hours  to maintain our blood sugar level

• DRINK plenty of water


• BE KIND to ourselves and

• Have a strong SUPPORT SYSTEM.

This month of July, exert your INDEPENDENCE, create a plan, and begin your journey to FREEDOM from the perils of sugar! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.




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