Independence from Social Eating Norms

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Recently I was responsible for bringing ‘treats’ for my son’s soccer team after a game.  Several mother’s advised me to buy concession stand coupons (meaning soda and candy) like most mothers did because it was easy and the kids liked it.  I answered, “Hmm, I was thinking of something healthier after the kids play so hard.”  They both laughed and said, “Geez, they’re kids and it is soccer after all.”  I just smiled in response, but internally cringed.

 I chose not to replicate the typical soccer mom snack and instead made fruit kebobs (watermelon, pineapple, grapes, strawberries).  The kids were intrigued by the colorful skewers and happily gobbled them down.  My son was proud because his ‘freaky’ health nut mom brought the most popular treat of the season.  I heard many parents exclaim, “Wow, who made those?  What a fantastic idea!”.  No, it wasn’t as “easy” as concession stand coupons, but the fruit kebobs were something I felt really good about giving out.  I was proud not to follow in the conventional soccer mom’s shoes and model something different.

Independence from buying into societal food beliefs about what is ‘normal’ requires  breaking away from cultural norms and changing our thinking.  Many people’s belief is to eat everything in moderation, indulge for celebration, and live off highly addictive and processed foods.  Who cares if it’s making everyone fat, inflamed, sick, and riddled with disease?  Everybody’s doing it!!  It takes self confidence, independent thinking, and courage to walk the path of health because it challenges the dogma of the American diet. Yes we might feel a little ‘freaky’ in doing so, but it’s way better than conforming to support ill health!   Are you going to choose health or follow the herd?

Coach Samantha Ray

Whitefish, MT



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