Sheri’s Rants # 60: ASSIST YOUR SELF

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Expecting to completely transform our bodies while maintaining our current lifestyle habits is just flat out ignorance of reality. Resisting the positive changes required is what makes transformation hard.

Assist yourself. Here’s how:

The number one thing to change is to STOP doing anything that causes harm. In our transformation world, this means to stop eating refined and processed foods – or what we shorten to poo.

Make a commitment to not eat poo, no matter what. Suggestions to be successful with that habit:

-empty your house of poo (less temptation makes it easy to stay on course)
– fill your house with real food (make it easy to eat healthy food)
-keep real food prepared and easy to access (again, easy to get to when you’re hungry)
– carry real food when you go out the door (easy…you don’t have to go looking for food)
– change your restaurant habits (save money!)

Do not make exceptions (as in keeping hard candies in the cupboard because you ‘really don’t like them’, or sweets in the freezer because you ‘know I won’t eat them’.) I’ve been in this transformation business awhile, and I can tell you straight up that if it’s in your house, you will eventually eat it.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…but that Future You can be pretty shady given a load of stress (see Sheri’s Rants #59).  Clean. It. Out. This is what full commitment IS. FULLY COMMITTED.

(Saying you are fully committed to transformation but making poo exceptions is like committing to marriage until someone cuter comes along.)

Notice the exceptions that your head wants to make. These are the remnants of the Old Ways that got you where you are. These are the very thoughts that you’ll need to override with your commitment to changes in external surroundings. I personally call this search and destroy. I notice where my resistant thinking is going and adjust those circumstances immediately; there are things and situations I do not expose my self to.  You know, like I don’t hang around candy stores, bakeries, or meth labs. Easy.  ALLOW CHANGE.

You will find it much much easier to be successful when you set your surroundings up to ALLOW SUCCESS.

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