Sheri’s Rants #59: Tricky Betting Practices

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When I do not plan my food out as I head out the door, I am assuming that the Future Me will somehow have more time, be more thoughtful, more relaxed, and have more resources than the Now Me does.
We all know it doesn’t work that way. We all know that the Future Me 6 hours from now, running around ‘trying’ to get stuff done, is LESS resourceful, less thoughtful, has less time and will inevitably drop the ball.
But still, the Now Me places that bet. We bet on the improved quality of our Future Self with every piece of self care that we leave for ‘later’:
Starting to eat clean tomorrow, beginning that exercise program next week, putting down the sugar after this next party, quitting the alcohol after Friday – these are all bets we’re placing on that unreliable unknown Future Self.

We do this in many areas of our lives, and it’s part of the behavior that keeps us doing the same thing over and over – it keeps us from reaching our goals.  It’s a habit, really – to place that bet on the Future Me and think she is really going to have it more together, somehow, than the Now Me does.

The truth is, it’s the NOW ME that needs to make the change so that the FUTURE ME can be successful. This is how habits change, it’s how goals are reached.

Sheri Lynn

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