Kelly’s Journey: April 2012

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Kelly 2012Well I’m past the one year mark and down 73 pounds, that’s pretty awesome! We went on our vacation to Cozumel as planned and boy the change from last year is incredible.  I’ve included then and now pics below.  I had forgotten (a little) how large I was the until we looked up the old pictures to post on Facebook. WOW!!!  Now I’ve got less than 30 pounds to go now and I’m  looking forward to hitting goal.

This month I’d like to stress to everyone that going on vacation does not have to mean going off plan or gaining weight.  In fact, it is very possible to loose fat on travel.  I’m proof of that as I’ve traveled several times over the past year (as far away as Italy and Mexico) and the scale has been down every time upon my return.

The key is saying goodbye to the “old” ways of traveling. We now plan our food right into the trip and select locations and accommodations that fit in to the GT lifestyle. We avoid the standard hotel and choose a condo rental instead where we can cook some of our meals ( is one of our favorite sites).  We also do research ahead to scope out super markets and restaurant menus online.  Believe it or not, many menus can be accessed on the web even in foreign countries. Our vacations have all been great, relaxing and rewarding because knowing that you’ll come home to a happy scale is much less stressful and besides, you don’t have to beat yourself up trying to gain back lost progress.  In addition the rates are many times cheaper than hotels and I think they are nicer as well.
It’s pretty funny actually how much the GT program is part of my life now.  I’m not afraid to tell everyone who asks and some who don’t about this program that has helped me become more fit and healthier than I’ve ever been.  While at the eye doctors office today another patient was telling the doctor how her diabetes numbers were up.  I looked at her and said boy do I have a program for you.  The doc agreed with me (I had just told him about my progress over the past year) and we talked for about 10 minutes.  I then gave her the website address as well as the name and number for my friend Peggi who is a GT coach.  Hopefully she’ll make the call.
Well until next month, enjoy the photos and Happy Spring!

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