Stacie’s Journey – May 2012

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Last week, Courtney and I were talking about what I might write in the newsletter this month.  We had discussed the fact that even though I haven’t been motivated and really engaged in Genesis for a long time (almost a year), Genesis has taught me how to eat.  I have not only been able to keep off the fat that I had lost, I even lost a few more pounds.  That is one more wonderful thing about Genesis.  Even when you aren’t completely on board, there is no yo-yo-ing with your weight, unlike when you diet.  This program is truly for life and for so much better health.  Now, I have finally gotten uncomfortable enough to continue on this wonderful journey to who I am meant to be.  So, for those of you who might be struggling, don’t lose hope!  Don’t give up on yourself just because you can’t be “perfect”.  Just do what your coach tells you to do, and believe that you can do it.  When you believe it, it will happen!

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