Kelly’s Journey: March 2012

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It’s been a year now since I started Genesis Transformation and I’m down 70 pounds.  I know I would have had no where near this much success with any other program because GT really teaches the lifestyle change that is lacking in the other programs.  That is awesome!

I’ve got about 30 pounds to go and my rate of weight loss is much slower than it was in the beginning.  I’m now loosing at about 3-4 pounds per month vs. the 7-8 pounds last year.  This is hard to get used to even though it makes sense that the less you have to loose the slower it will come off.  Although slower I know it will happen and I look forward to making goal this year!

For the first time I’m experiencing some frustration.  I signed up for a 5 mile race at the end of March.  Since I feel so much better [than before weight loss]  I wanted to give this a try.  However, I’m finding that the changes needed to get me ready for the race don’t really mesh with the delicate balance of keeping my weight moving down. I guess it’s human nature to want to take on a challenge like this race because it serves as a reward of all the hard work I’ve done during the past year.  I did a 3 mile race back in the early 90’s and I remember the feeling of accomplishment I had at the end.  If doing this race slows me down for a few weeks or a month I think it will be worth it because the reward [right now] is going to be great when I finish a 5 mile race.

On a positive note when this is published I will be in Mexico taking the picture that will replace the one from last year’s vacation.  Can’t wait to share that with everyone.  Happy Spring!

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