Stacie’s Journey – March

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During the month of February, I learned a few new things.  For one thing, we all have to go through “stuff” as we go through this process.  That one I actually did already know.  What I didn’t know is that our journeys are all very individual, but very similar.

We had a support meeting with our coach and some of her clients.  It was truly wonderful to meet and speak to other women and hear what their journeys have been like.  It is so nice to know you are not alone in the struggles that we face.

Another thing that I learned about myself is that I had gotten “comfortable” with myself and where my body was at.  Having lost 60 lbs of fat, I had quite a change to my body and health.  I got “comfortable”.  Now, keep in mind that I still have a goal of losing about 50 to 55 more.  I couldn’t figure out what the struggle was, why I just couldn’t seem to get it together and get back on track.  After some soul searching, I realized that I was so much happier now than where I was, I didn’t want to work that hard or put that much effort forth to effect the changes.  Being “comfortable” was the enemy to further change that I wanted to make in my body and my health.  It isn’t about looking great for me.  It is about being able to keep up with my children and husband, maybe even challenging them to keep up with me!

I had to get “uncomfortable” enough to start working again.  I can say that I am back to work now.  Things are definitely not perfect and I am still struggling some, but going back to the basics ie: journaling, water, sleep, focusing on those things and taking baby steps to get started again has really worked for me.  So, this month I will continue in my baby steps and start actually taking some big girl steps on my elegant thinking.

Happy journey to all of you!

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