Stacey’s Journey – October 2011

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This was a very busy month for me.  I have been preparing for a 3 day retreat for several months that occurred at the end of this month.  This is the second time I have worked one of these since I started Genesis and I did a couple of things that really helped this time around.  I prepared a menu, prepared  a bunch of food on my menu, and ate the things that I had listed, when I had listed them.  Because of this, I actually lost weight at the weekend.  Normally I gain several pounds because of the salt, sugar, and other stuff that they feed to us.  Planning ahead gave me so much more control and I don’t need to do all the detoxing from the junk.  I was able to eat cleanly, and have Genesis desserts when everyone else was eating dessert.  The lemon bars from the recipe section of Genesis are fabulous!  It was wonderful not to be feeling jealous or deprived because other people were eating cake, brownies, and rootbeer floats and I didn’t have anything but carrot sticks.  Instead, I had my own delicious yummies that wouldn’t make me sick.  I actually had a woman that wanted what I was eating instead.  The recipe section in the database is such an incredible resource, I strongly urge you to use it and try some of those recipes.  They really are great!

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