Kelly’s Journey – October 2011

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As of this morning I’ve lost 44 pounds!  Overall this was a pretty normal month and I’m moving right along, getting ever closer to breaking the 200 pound mark!  I’m hoping I hit this important milestone around the end of October.  Fingers crossed!

I did learn this month that I really can dine out and stay on plan as long as I ask for food the way I want it.  My husband Don had a work dinner and several weeks prior they sent around cards with meal choices so I asked for beef no sauce, salt or seasoning.  After arriving at the dinner it seemed no request had been made.  Early in the evening I asked the first wait person I found about my special request for dinner.  He sent over a manager so I could request a plain filet, steamed vegetables and a baked potato.  She gladly conveyed my request to the chef.  Dinner was great and I stayed on target and on track.

My husband Don has been wonderful during my Genesis Transformation.  He helps with everything from buying grocery’s to boiling eggs, to cooking dinner, all so I can work out, or enter meals, or talk with my coach.  And thanks to the clean healthy food we cook he has also lost 30 pounds and I must say his support is invaluable. Thank you Don!

 It’s really quite amazing; we eat pretty darn good, more food than ever, I actually enjoy exercise (most of the time) and probably 75% of the aches and pains I had are gone or greatly reduced.  After 6.5 months on Genesis I’m still excited about what’s to come.  That’s a first for me after all “diets” I’ve tried.  “199 here I come!”  

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