How We Roll – Coach Cary Jo

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CORRECTION:  Cary Jo is from KALISPELL, Mt, not the adjoining Whitefish as stated on the newsletter!

Coach Cary Jo shares her answers to the 10 Genesis Coach Questions:

1)     I had 2 challenges when I started Genesis. The first was to realize I didn’t eat as healthy as I thought I did. The 2nd was knee surgery which slowed down my workouts for about 4 weeks.

2)     What kept me going was the reward in how much better I felt eating differently. I had a great trainer who adapted my workouts around my knee so I could keep moving.

3)     My advice when a person is just starting the transformation is to keep going. Do what your coach says and trust in the process. What is the alternative? To go back to your old ways?

4)     I am still challenged in the thinking that this is not a diet. If I want to maintain my health and weight loss, I will always be eating the way I eat now and working out to maintain muscle.

5)     Transformation has improved my life in many ways. I feel fit and strong. My horseback riding has benefitted the most. My core is strong and I am strong. My horse gets tired and I am not even short of breath. I think of doing physical activities that I would have hesitated about in the past.

6)     My favorite food is still a grilled hamburger patty with chipotle chilis in it.

7)     I love weight lifting for my workout, especially eccentric as it really challenges my muscles. I also love my small group workouts. It is encouraging to watch the other women in my group get stronger and conquer physical challenges that would have been hard for all of us 2-3 years ago.

8)     I listen to old rock-n-roll when doing cardio and more mellow current music when weight lifting. Coffee House on Xm radio gives me my weight lifting music to pick from, I then put my favorites on my ipod.

9)     My goals for the next year is to get my darn knee replaced so I am not held back by pain and swelling.  My weight goal is to maintain for longer and longer, especially on vacation, without going back into rotation.

10)  I am inspired by how far I have come. I am also inspired by those around me who I work out with and are also Genesis people. I am looking forward to being a fit and healthy first time grandmother in the next few months!

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