Ask Dave: Farmer’s Market Safety

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Dear Dave,

Is it safe to trust farmers market’s products that aren’t raised organically?

 Sally, Wyoming

  Hi Sally –

The great advantage of farmer’s markets is the connection between grower and consumer.  You have the opportunity to ask:  Was this sprayed with pesticides?  Are these chickens pastured?  Is this beef grass-fed?  YOU can choose which growers you trust and which you get a funny feeling about.

Many products at farmer’s markets are not ‘certified organic’ but are grown to organic standards.  The certification process is an expensive and time consuming one; not all growers wish to partake in this.  Instead they stake their reputation on the quality of their wares, their prices, and being present to their customers.

I strongly suggest doing your own “market research” by interviewing the growers directly.  In addition to offering peace of mind they will frequently offer suggestions for preparation, storage, and selection.

Always in season,  



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