Sheri’s Rants # 52: The Moderation Myth

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Moderation is a popular concept that has been promoted by the food industry. They had a slogan that went like this:

“There’s room for all kinds of food in a healthy diet.”

The promoted idea is that people can eat anything they want, as long as the foundation of the diet is healthy.  Unfortunately, what we’ve seen play out as a result is a cultural diet based in processed and refined faux foods, with the true moderation applying to anything resembling actual food; to the extent one eats processed foods, one displaces healthy whole foods. Actual nutrition is drastically compromised.

This has led to fantastic damage to our collective health.

According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, one in three American adults are affected by obesity.  Every 2 minutes a person dies of weight-related causes.  Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the US, second only to smoking.  Aside from obesity, many of our most prevalent diseases are caused by inflammation from the foods we eat.  Cancer rates, for instance, are now 1 in 4.  For the first time in the history of the planet, we have childhood inflammatory disease like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Moderation is clearly not working.

One issue may be that people have many different definitions of what moderation means. For many, moderation is a rationalization for what they want to eat NOW. The use of the word ‘moderation’ just means the intent to use restraint.

Another potential issue is the fact that sugar/sodium/processed corn/refined wheat laden food products are highly addictive.  As the Lay’s potato chip commercial used to say, “Nobody can eat just one!”  Moderation is almost physically impossible when addictive substances are at play.

Finally, when what we are moderating is toxic to the human body, is there really any safe level?  The FDA clearly states that there is no safe level of consumption of trans-fats (present in any fried product and many commercial baked goods).  Is it sane to moderate chemicals with no safe level of consumption?

For those who are seeking to drop fat, it’s important to understand that moderation will not lead to positive physical change when what you’re moderating is toxic! 

Think: our bodies are complex biological mechanisms, and no matter what we are thinking, feeling, or excusing the bottom line is still that poo is poo and toxicity is toxicity no matter what your rationalization for putting the substance into your pie-hole.

Moderation can work if you already eat well and you’re already healthy. But moderation isn’t what people need when you’re trying to promote massive change on a cultural level.
Moderation doesn’t inspire, and it doesn’t last when you try to institute it. To change a human body requires tight attention, accountability, and consistently clean, whole food.

When it comes to Transformation apply this simple equation:  Moderation = Mediocrity.

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