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I grew up skinny!  It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I started to pack on the pounds.  Five here, ten there and soon I weighed 175 pounds.  During the 90’s I started walking and eating what I thought was a healthy diet.  I lost 40 pounds and swore I would never be fat again.  Boy was I wrong!

Over time I gained 100 pounds and tried many diet programs; Weight Watchers several times, South Beach Diet where I lost 40 pounds, then gained it back along with a few extra for good measure.  I also tried Nutri System and even a hypnosis program, at a cost I am ashamed to admit.  I finally gave up; it was easier just to be fat!

During the past two years I’ve watched my friend Peggi transform her body using the Genesis program.  I followed her progress and along the way learned about the program while she was training to be a GT coach.  Somehow this seemed different and more sustainable.  Last fall I started thinking about joining, but my stubborn mind talked me in and out of it several times.  By the end of February however, I’d finally had enough and decided to join the program and gain control over the weight that has controlled me for so long.

I’ve been following Genesis for a little over three months now and my starting weight was a whopping 255 pounds!  As I write this, I’m down 24 pounds, eating more but better food than I would have ever thought possible.  I’m exercising, my energy level has greatly increased and I’ve lost over 10 inches from my original measurements.  My plan is to loose some 80-90 pounds but for now my first goal is to get to, and stay below 199.

 Genesis Transformation is so different from other programs because it encompasses fitness and fat loss through the use of a coach who is with you every step of the way; teaching you to be accountable, explaining how the body processes the food we eat, along with making gradual and lasting changes.

I am thankful for my coach Courtney and a wonderful support system that includes my husband Don; who has also lost 20 pounds eating the healthy food we prepare and my friends Peggi & Katie, who are both GT Girls!  A good support system is key to lasting success and I look forward to my own transformation over the next year or so.

It may be easier to be fat, but it is far more worthwhile being on the way to a new Skinny Me!

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