Mind/Body Perspective: Loving Kindness Meditation

Posted on June 20, 2011 by



Sit comfortable in a chair with the feet on the ground or in a chair on a cushion/pillow cross-legged.  Ground into the sit bones and lengthen up through the crown of the head; lengthening the spine.  Relax  shoulders back and down and keep the spine in neutral.  Close the eyes, rest hands on knees, and focus all attention and awareness on the breath and body.  On the inhale, MENTALLY recite “May I live in safety.”  On the exhale, “May I have mental happiness.”  Next Inhale breath, “May I have physical happiness.”  Next exhale breath, “May I live with ease.”  Continue for 5 minutes.

Loving Kindness Meditation:

May I live in safety – inhale
May I have mental happiness – exhale
May I have physical happiness – inhale
May I live with ease – exhale

This is a wonderful and simple meditation for beginners or more seasoned meditators.  Pay attention to how your body and mind feels after wards and notice any shifts in your thinking, stress levels, or attitudes!!  Enjoy and be well:)