Beginner’s Workout #19: featuring Coach Tami Kingery

Posted on June 20, 2011 by


Hamstring press w/ball.

Begin by lying on your back.  Place feet hip width apart on top of an elevated surface like a bench or step, shoulders are back and down, knees bent, and palms facing up.  With the ball directly between your knees, lift and lower, squeezing the ball.  First set is straight up and down, second set raise one leg (make sure to do both legs), third set move the ball to between the upper thigh for and inner thigh workout as well.  As you become stronger move further away from the bench until you are almost completely supine with feet on the bench.

Crunches w/ball.

Place the ball at the small of your back for support, shoulders are back and down, feet are hip width apart, knees are bent, feet are elevated, chin is tucked to the chest, and navel is to the spine.  Begin by crunching up, make sure you are exhaling on the way up.  This is a small movement but very effective.  First set are forward crunches, second set rotate to the left then to the right.  To increase difficulty add weight.