Jan’s Journey – MAY 2011

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The goal line is clearly in sight.  I am on the 20 yard line and am dead set on
touching “down” on my goal by May 31.  I have 4 lbs to go.  I get so many
compliments.  More and more people are aksing what “diet” I am on.  So I am
gladly spreading the word about our healthy “lifestyle” and its benefits.  They
can see the amazing results but I try to get them to understand why this
lifestyle is different.  I emphasize the importance of the food education I have
received.  Reading labels is so important!

This week I saw friends I hadn’t seen since last Summer.  They were in shock.
All they kept saying was “You look fabulous!”, “You look amazing!”  You know a
girl could get used to this!  Some of my firends say “Why don’t you stop now?”
Afterall, I am smaller than they are now and I always was the biggest one in my
group of friends.  I am really quite satisfied with where I am.  I wear a size
8.  My boobs are down to a 36D from a 42DD…what a relief! (although my husband
wonders where the boobs he fell in love with went!)  I will continue to my goal
because I am a type A personality who sets goals and does whatever it takes to
meet that goal (kind of stubborn that way).

The only challenge I am having at this point is having so few carbs on my low
calorie days.  I have 3 days of 1300 caolories with only 23 percent carbs.  I
have a fruit smoothie to start every day with protein powder and that takes up
the majority of my carbs for the day.  I get hungry too but since I keep
dropping a pound a week, I am going to “tough it out” til the end.  I just LOVE
my 1700 high calorie day when I get 40 % carbs!  I am looking forward to
Maintenance when Samantha says I can have more carbs on a regular basis.  I
continue to enjoy the regular exercise ritual I have established and plan to
continue that into maintenance.  I still need to do a lot of toning as my “angel
wings” and thighs are still flabby.  But my thighs don’t touch anymore!  I
thought I would never see the day when my thighs wouldn’t rub when I walk.  But
they don’t anymore!  Suffice it to say, I am one happy camper!

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