Rock the Swimsuit (at any weight!)

Posted on May 1, 2011 by


Courtney Townley

My advise for looking stellar this swimsuit season, surprisingly, isn’t a new killer workout or new clean recipe tip(although, you know, those certainly wouldn’t dampen progress).  No, my little nugget is simply this:  stand tall, regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey.   That’s right…stand as if you already look like the slimmer version of yourself that you set out to be when you signed up for a Genesis Transformation.

Now, I get that this is easier said than done when the version of ourselves we see in the mirror is clearly more than a few pounds from her goal weight.  But consider this:  research has shown (Ohio State University 2009, October 5. Body Posture Affects Confidence In Your Own Thoughts, Study Finds. ScienceDaily) that when people sit or stand with good posture it instills more confidence in their beliefs, which can ultimately lead to success sooner.

Like so many people, when I travel and get stuck for long period of time in an airport, I frequently amuse myself with the fine sport of people watching and I am always struck by people who carry themselves well and often saddened by the ones who don’t.   The ones I am always drawn to, the ones I find the most interesting, energetic and attractive, are the ones who have good posture and walk with confidence, regardless of how much weight they are actually carrying.

After years of working with clients as a personal trainer, I am strongly convinced that because of poor posture, most people cheat themselves out of at least a few inches of height potential.  Which is crazy when you think about it!  People are working out to get stronger and lose weight, and if they just focused on posture they would be supporting the body better AND look slimmer INSTANTLY.

We have all seen the teenage girl who slouches with lack of confidence in her growing body, and unfortunately that posture only feeds her negative feelings about herself.  Conversely, most of us have been in the presence of a heavier woman who stood tall and exuded confidence despite her weight, and what a privilege that has been, eh?

You are a beautiful and unique individual who has something to offer this world that no one before you and no one after you will ever offer in quite the same way.  So, again, regardless of where you are in your GT process, be proud of who you really are right now, regardless of the condition of your “suitcase” (as my husband so poignantly defines the human body).    And if you are having trouble believing you are already beautiful, remember…stand as if and act as if you already ROCK that swimsuit this season and, undoubtedly, you willJ