Gettin’ the Gratitude – notes on Fueling

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Peggi Ingram, RN

I know many people struggle with fueling and I just wanted to present another perspective.   I remember eating all of that food and I was tired of the preparation, the packing, the planning and eating all of that food. It was hard. I had other things to do. My family had needs, work was busy, errands needed to be ran, etc. BUT…. I know I felt better, slept better, and was more on my game. I had more energy and overall just had a better mental attitude. I thought I looked better too. While the scale was not going down, the clothes were definitely fitting better. I FELT BETTER!!!

Please remember – it is about healing – healing the body of toxins. It is about healing from the inside out. While that doesn’t make the scale move, you are building muscles and yes you are losing FAT. Just not the stuff jiggling on your arms or even the roll on your belly. It is the fat that is wrapped around your heart, liver, stomach, and intestines. This fat we can’t see but it is still there and we need to lose that too – for health!

Very importantly – fueling is about healing the mind! Wrapping your mind around the program and most importantly – MAKING YOURSELF THE PRIORITY! That can not be said enough – I know Sheri and every one of my fellow GTer’s who know me is thinking – did Peggi finally figure that out? This is not an easy concept to practice but it is necessary. I struggle with this all the time but it is so true – the body achieves what the mind believes!!!!

I have been at this for more than a year and I will say that just recently I am getting comments that people have noticed my fat loss (27#). I really think what they are noticing is the attitude change, not the change in the body because I obviously didn’t just lose the 27 pounds in the past week – that has taken me about a year – but what has changed is that I have finally wrapped my head around it.

Hang in there – enjoy the moment – make yourself the priority! You have to. You have to wrap your head around this knowing that you are worth it, the program is worth it! It may seem slow right now but these steps you are taking is setting the foundation to a lifetime of health and fat loss!

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