Portland Women’s Expo 2010

Posted on October 31, 2010 by


Samantha Ray and Christy Ewing

We were fortunate to attend the 2010 Portland Women’s Show in the beginning of October.  We enjoyed meeting and conversing with all different ages and types of women.  We found it fascinating how many were very surprised to hear that the old paradigm of eating less, exercising more does not work! Many shook their heads in agreement though, as they acknowledged that what they are doing isn’t working!  Genesis is leap and bounds ahead of what is being preached out in the world.  It was incredibly rewarding to reflect upon how many people we help reclaim their health without dieting and very eye opening to see how many people more could greatly benefit from Genesis and reclaim their health.

In addition to promoting Genesis, the Women’s Show also gave us an opportunity to see what other programs exist in the ‘fat loss’ world.  It was eye opening to say the least.  Many booths promoted ‘diets’, magic ‘pills and powders’ paired with eating less and exercising more. Such tactics are so removed from being a healthier person.  Healthy fat loss should be a gradual approach to first healing the metabolism and eating whole foods in the right ratios, then adding in moderate exercise.. The Genesis program is simple, effective, completely sustainable, and reclaims our health.  Why is our culture promoting ineffective programs that are unhealthy and cause endless suffering without lasting results?

Christy and Samantha