Jan’s Journey: August 2010

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Since I talked about my bad attitude due to the scale not moving downwards very
fast last month, I have tried hard to be more positive and delight in making
slower progress than I expect of myself.  I have no idea how many inches I have lost but I wear a straight
16 now easily and I used to wear 18 Womens.  So I know I am smaller.

Since I have been more positive and more determined than ever to not cheat, I have
continued to lose a 1 lb a week on average.  I have gotten smarter about eating
in restaurants and order only salads with grilled NAKED chicken or salmon and
send it back when it is not naked!  We don’t go out to eat very often anymore
which is not as much fun for my husband but we are saving money!  We live in our
RV in the summer and eating “at home” is one of the reasons we have an RV…it’s
like being at home on the road.  I still need to do more strength exercises, I
am just not good doing it by myself.  I prefer to take classes as being in a
group encourages me.  I get my cardio in on schedule and just need to do more
strength exercises.  Any suggestions are most welcome!

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