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My journey.

When my coach asked me to write something for the newsletter my first thought was, “Who would want to read something about me?” After some thought I knew the writing wasn’t for anyone but me, she’s a smart gal. I am nine months into my Genesis Transformation. I am fueling. I am losing fat one ounce at a time. And I am happier and feel healthier than I have in many years.

Through this transformation I have taken our only child over 700 miles away to college, faced an empty nest, got to know my husband all over again, said good-bye (silently) to someone I thought was a friend, and learned so much more about myself than I could ever put into words.

I have been overweight almost all of my adult years. Food was my drug, my solace, my best friend and worst enemy. Sugar gnawed at me like a hungry rat. There was never enough. I went through the motions of life with not a whole lot of life. My husband went on all the rides at Disneyland, the fair, Silverwood, I held the bags, took the photos and smiled in front of my tears. Where was the food, isn’t anyone hungry but me? I’ve spent thousands on programs, diets, shakes, hypnosis, spas, pills, fake food, counseling…you name it. The “outside” had no answers for me just quick temporary fixes. I can’t write this honestly without mentioning my faith. My journey to health was there within reach all along I just didn’t recognize it clouded in my “sugar fog”. I was surrounded by information and healthy people who were willing to tell me what I needed to know…all I had to do was wake up and ask.  It wasn’t an accident that she found me and I asked. J Thanks Kelly.

I am no longer a victim. I am responsible for my happiness and health. Happiness doesn’t come in a package of candy anymore.  For me it comes from climbing up a huge sand dune to gaze on the Pacific Ocean with my hubby, zipping up a pair of jeans that aren’t Plus size, going on the boat without huffing and puffing on the “huff & puff” hill, saying thank-you to compliments, cheering for friends who are taking this journey with me, ignoring comments from those who don’t know the whole truth, putting myself first unselfishly, reading the support forum knowing that no one is perfect so why do I expect myself to be?

Only I can do this for myself. Only I can choose what to put into my mouth.  None of this has been easy. Things surface, I deal, and move on. None of this has been hard either. Once I chose… the path was laid out for me and all I had to do was take the step. I continue to step every day. J What a gift! I am so very grateful.

Life is good!



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