Jan’s Journey – July 2010

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After 8 months, I have on average lost 4 lbs a month.  Progress is much slower
than I wanted but I understand that I can only  lose 1- 1 1/2 lb of fat per week
and I am averaging 1 lb, so I am making average progress.

It is just hard for a type A personality like me who mostly got straight As in school to accept being
average.   I guess I didn’t have that much “inflammation” to lose so that is why
my weight loss has been less than others.  I know…”every body is different!”.
I have known that fact all my life since my brother out ate me two to one and
never has been overweight.  Why didn’t I get his metabolism?

After attending the Support Group meeting in June, I realized that I do have an attitude problem
because my outlook each day is dependent on the dumb scale
.   When I lose
weight, I am happy and think I can do this.  When I don’t get the
result I expected on the scale,  I don’t feel happy.  And when I gain weight, I am very unhappy.  .  I
realize I have turned over my happiness to a dumb scale!
That seems stupid to
me now that I have put it down in writing.  It is just that it is the main
indicator of my success or failure.    I just have to get over it and find other
ways to delight in my success…like buying smaller size clothes.  I wonder
sometimes if I should stop weighing everyday.  I don’t think that is a good idea
because then I would miss the feedback of what my body does when I eat different
foods.  So I will just have to resign myself to have a sunny attitude every day
even when the scale doesn’t do what I want.  Any suggestions are most welcome.

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