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All Good Mayonnaise is delicious! Prior to making my own mayonnaise, my favorite mayo was the Vegannaise with Grapeseed oil.  But it has several suspicious ingredients for my picky, sensitive body.  David put me on mayo rations of a tablespoon a week, and that was not tolerable.  So I made my own and I LOVE it!  I add some ground mustard and black pepper to the recipe (it’s here in the Blog under EAT THIS Summer Condiments).  Best part?  I get to eat much more mayo this way…yum!

-This last week I was cruising the local grocery store, checking out trends in ‘Gluten Free’ products.  Disturbingly, I found many of them LOADED with corn flour and other corn products.  The research is already out (a couple years old) that folks who start eating ‘gluten free’ generally gain MORE weight – due to the ingestion of all the baked products, commercial mixes, and frozen products that gluten-intolerant folks turn to in lieu of wheat products.  The reality is that if your body has become sensitized to ‘gluten’, then it will also become sensitized to OTHER processed grains as well.  As well, those mixes are full of sugar, sodium, and other random additives.  DON’T DO IT!  Learn to eat whole food, okay?

For the guys, there’s a great blog called ‘Mark’s Daily Apple’ where Mark Sisson daily muses on health, nutrition, fitness, the health industry and the Paleo (grain free) Primal lifestyle.   It’s full of guy talk about how to eat and take care of yourself.  Guy-type recipes too.  My son-in-law Jeremy discovered the site and is having a great time with it. (Mark sells vitamins on his blog, which seems a bit incongruous, so I’m adding a caveat here…)

I was recently in a local health food store and appalled at all the sugar infested crap on the counter when I paid for my food.  I am remembering when ‘health food store’ meant there wasn’t any sugar in the place.  I guess now there is so much crap in food that sugar is somehow acceptable.  Heads up: it’s not.  Sugar is still the beast it always was.  It is still listed with the FDA as an addictive drug – not a food.

I’m in the middle of a dog rescue – this time another rottweiler in New Mexico.  John, a  rescue -minded rottie lover, saved Mya within a day of her death at the shelter.  It’s taken 6 of us working together to figure this whole thing out.  Mya is in sad physical shape but once I get my hands on her and straighten out her nutrition (yes, yes, dog transformation…) she’ll be rockin’ it.  By all accounts she’s a sweetheart.

PJK, a GT friend from Wyoming, checked in with me the other day.  Her doctor had taken her ‘cold turkey’ off hormones.  I asked her how she feeling. ‘ Well,’ she said, ‘my sister says I’m more cranky.  But I don’t feel cranky.  I have, however, noticed an extremely high level of incompetence in the people around me…’

-S.O., from the University of Washington, sent me a research paper to read stating that young women who drink skim milk gain more muscle than young women who eat carbs before/after working out.  The ‘carb’ in question was a sugar and maltodextrin (corn by-product) drink.  After reading the research, I’d suggest that pure WATER would stack up as a muscle builder against sugar and maltodextrin…and I still can’t find the part about who funded the research…

Do you need to just flat out feel better? Did you know that is also under the umbrella of ‘Transformation’?  We frequently work with people who just flat out don’t know how to get from their current dietary habits into an eating plan that works for them.  It doesn’t have to be about ‘fat loss’.  Sometimes it’s just about ‘saving your ass’.

My five year old grandson Parker is doing much better after a recent hospitalization resulting from being fed some cookies at a birthday party.  His little (‘accidentally’) over-vaccinated  and sensitive body reached a critical point and about cashed in.  We’re grateful for his returning vibrancy and health.

Mya, minutes after her rescue from Death Row

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