Client Story: Lynn G.

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Let’s cut to the chase here.  Thanks to GT, I can boast of a 27 pound weight loss, 14 percent body fat reduction, and dropped from a size 14-16 to an 8!  And, as many of you already know, did it without deprivation or cravings.  It’s miraculous, and the “Before and After” photos back up that claim.

After retiring from a fast lane career in Television as a Hollywood Set Designer for over 30 years, I found myself in Whitefish, MT living it up.  To me, that meant fabulous meals in surprisingly good local restaurants, drenched with lots of wine and dessert.  I had worked very hard in my professional life, and was ready to party hardy.  Well, when I could no longer blame a “too hot” dryer for “shrinking” my jeans, and forcing me into a size 16, I decided to face the music.  I joined a local gym, concocted my own little circuit on the machines, and was getting nowhere fast with my weight loss.

One day, I noticed a trainer working with a small group of women over in the corner of the gym.  I watched closely, paying careful attention to how the women were being gently corrected and encouraged as they worked out.  After my own lame little workout, I approached this trainer and handed her my card, commenting that I liked what she was doing and would love some information.  That was my first contact with Samantha Gilman.  Later that day, I got an email from her explaining the Genesis approach.  I was horrified!  It looked so serious and overwhelming.  I responded that it was more than I wanted to take on at this time.  Well, time marched on and I continued to see her working with her small group in the gym as I routed myself through my dreaded circuit of torturous machines.

Samantha and Lynn celebrate!

A couple of weeks later, something shifted in me.  I was really ready.  I had been floundering around on my own, not knowing what to buy in the market, or how to approach my workouts.  I had just had it with the big, body concealing shirts. I missed my waistline. It was time for a life change.   I surrendered my body and soul to Samantha.

I was vigilant from the start and had results very quickly, and true to the GT promise, experienced a steady, pound a week weight/fat loss.  I started this journey at 152 pounds, and have settled in now at just under 125 pounds, well below my original goal of 135.  That slim person in the form fitting clothes is actually me, and I’ve never been stronger, more energetic or more comfortable in my own skin.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go shopping for a swimsuit this year!

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