Beginners Workout 3

Posted on February 15, 2010 by


Jamie Lynn

Start with 15 repetitions of each exercise for the first set.  Shift to 12 repetitions for the next 2 sets

lunge with arm raise

Front Lunges With Arm Raise

Stand with feet hip distance apart. Start on right side.

INHALE: step forward into lunge leading with your heel, raise arms straight in front

EXHALE: return to standing with feet hip distance apart, return arms to sides

Repeat 15 times on this side, switch sides

Add 3 pounds dumbbells on the second set for an extra challenge.

Step Ups

You will need a step up or a small bench for this exercise


Stand with feet hip distance apart with step in front of you.

INHALE: place right foot on step

EXHALE: press through the right foot as you come to the top of the step

INHALE: return to starting position, stepping down with right foot

Switch sides

high row

High Row

Stand with feet hip distance apart and in neutral spine with core engaged.  Hold dumbbells in your hands with you fingertips facing your thighs.

INHALE: prepare

EXHALE: reach elbow up to ceiling with hands sliding along your torso.  Elbows always stay higher than your wrists

Modified push up

Come into a modified plank with knees on your mat hip distance apart, hands are on the mat shoulder distance apart.  Be sure you can draw a straight line between you shoulder hip and knee

INHALE: reach your nose to the floor, bending the elbow but keeping them in at your sides

modified push up

EXHALE: return to starting position

ball crunches

Ball crunches

Lie on your back with your ball resting at the small of your back.  Bring your feet hip distance apart and hands up on your head

INHALE: as you reach the back of your head toward the floor keeping your chin tucked

EXHALE: bring your head up, bringing both ends of you abs close together and looking at the floor between your knees.