Sheri’s Rants #33: Regeneration

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Robert has cancer – lymphoma of the liver – and is waiting for a liver transplant.  We spoke at length about nutrition.  He’s highly nutrition aware these days, and this is what he told me:  “Basically, I’m living on a lot of raw veggies and fruit, and I had to cut my protein down from meat and raise my intake of powdered protein because with my liver so compromised, regular processing of animal foods is harder.  Sugar, random chemicals, trans-fats, wheat, corn, soy – these things are literally fuel for cancer – and I won’t let anything mess with me.  You know, Sheri, it used to be that I ate out all the time on the road (Robert travels extensively for his work) and I ate as ‘clean as I could’ for general health reasons.  I’d eat a random sugar thing and not think twice.  I ate french fries, tortilla chips, and I thought eating 1/2 hamburger bun was doing pretty good.  My world is so different now!”  I asked him how.

“Right now, I am in line for a liver transplant in the next 8-12 months.  If I eat in a restaurant and I eat one wrong thing, one tiny thing I didn’t know was in the food – I’ll need a liver transplant in 72 HOURS.”

We moved on to talking about the actual transplant, and Robert shared something interesting with me.  It turns out he doesn’t need a WHOLE liver from a donor.  He can actually use 1/3 liver of a live donor, and that will be enough to regenerate a new liver in his body – plus the donor’s liver will regenerate fully.  But that live donor has to be stellar healthy – no history of diabetes, for instance, or any other of the big diseases that compromise the liver (and most do) – and of course the right blood type for Robert.

Yes, your liver does regenerate.  Your entire body regenerates, on a cellular level.  What we do in the Fueling process in Genesis Transformation is to begin that regeneration, which ramps up your  metabolism and sets the stage for fat loss.  If your body has been compromised on any level – if you’ve been medicated for metabolic diseases (high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid etc) or have a history of dieting/fasting/cleansing –  then this process is going to be a little slower.   Fat loss will happen but it’s not going to be overnight because your body will be busy regenerating.  YOU’LL FEEL FANTASTIC and stronger, more vibrant as your body shifts.  You’re going to have to be patient as your body heals – which it will – and understand the intense chemical cellular processing going on.  This might take a few months before the scale moves regularly as it burns fat.   Listen – there is no faster way.  There isn’t.

Or you COULD go waste your body some more on yet another diet promising fast results – and lose more muscle, get deeper in the hole with your health, age quicker, and deal surgically with loose skin.  It’s the average route folks take.

Robert doesn’t give a holy rotten crap about the scale right now.

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