School Is In Session

Posted on January 31, 2010 by


Erin Sabin

When you start with Genesis Transformation you are promised an education.  We spend our lives focused on the importance of education.  The prospect of learning can be daunting, but the exciting thing about the Genesis Transformation education that you are the subject.  Where in life are you promised a degree in yourself?  What I have found as I have been receiving this in depth education in my body is that this in depth education has opened me up to personal empowerment.  Personal empowerment is what you have to look forward to as you delve into your own Genesis Transformation.
As with any education, challenges will arise.  These challenges are both mental and physical.  Some days the physical obstacles are small like the last set of exercises on a resistance day at the gym.  Some days they are a bit more difficult.  The good thing about physical challenges is that once you have overcome one, you automatically feel better and you give your ego a boost!  When you are faced with the next physical obstacle, you have your history to fall back on and suddenly you and your body are achieving things that you never thought possible.
The mental hurdles are the whammies.  We as humans are great at sabotaging our success.  Trying new things is scary and when you look in the mirror and start to see a new, empowered person that can be terrifying.  You may also scare your friends and family.  For some reason, as we begin to change our lives, overcoming seemingly impossible physical challenges and doing crazy things like drinking a gallon of water in ONE day, we set those around us spinning.
I have learned is that my mind will try and mess up the success of my transformation. There are patterns that have been a part of me for a long time when I get into a good rhythm, I find a way to set myself off track.  Recently I started telling myself that there were days when I just DID NOT want to track my calories.  It got to the point where every 10 days or so I was giving myself a free day of sorts.  My “free” days would come and go and I would eat clean foods but I certainly wasn’t exact.  It didn’t matter how clean my food was, I got off track, lost control and started making excuses.
We all have our stumbling blocks, we lose sight of our goals and we get off track.  That is a part of human nature.  The empowerment comes from recognizing our weaknesses, accepting them and changing our behavior so that when we are faced with the next set of challenges we are able to look them head on and keep on walking.  The empowerment comes when we log back on to Genesis and track our food, when we are honest and accept ourselves for who we are.
When venturing out on the path of Genesis Transformation, I would offer these words.  Great job!    You are setting yourself up to receive the most valuable education of your life.  You will learn that you have strengths beyond your imagination. Your successes will scare your friends and family because their own weaknesses will come to light.  Set your sights high.  You are about to achieve things you never thought possible and grab a pen and start taking notes!  You are a great text book and this will be a fascinating read.