Jan’s Journey – February

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This is the 3rd of Jan’s installments, tracking her Transformation.  This month, she struggles with the classic issues of seeing herself get smaller, but frustrated not to see it on the scale – as well as social eating and travel…

The journey over the last month has been bumpy.  A big positive in the last month is that I can finally grab my leg in Yoga class and do dancer’s pose.  This was a big event for me!  Also I can now wear a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in 4 years.  So although I haven’t lost a pound in 2 months, I am getting smaller.  On the down side, it is getting pretty frustrating not losing any weight.  I understand I am not supposed to lose weight during “fueling” but at parties and dinners at friend’s houses, I am the one drinking water and eating carrots or not eating dinner at all or bringing my own food.  And then my friends ask “What diet are you on…you don’t seem to be losing any weight or have you lost any weight?”  To be honest, this hurts and it is embarrassing.  I respond with “I am just trying to eat healthy because of my heart problem”.  They usually buy this explanation and don’t ask any more questions.   My husband though says that this response of “eating healthy” is insulting to the other person as it implies that they are not.  I don’t mean it to be insulting but he thinks that is the impression I am giving.  It is depressing to have no one see any results even though I do and my husband does.

Jan In New York

It is also a challenge traveling.  We are currently in New York City.  We fortunately have a hotel room with a kitchenette so I can cook oatmeal in the morning and cook yams in the microwave.  I fill my pockets with protein bars (that I cooked before we came) and bananas and yams and my water bottle.  I look like I am pregnant with my coat pockets so full.   My husband even took a picture of me eating a yam in Times Square.  My husband is very frustrated because we can’t just go to any restaurant and because I am a “slave” to the computer (entering my food to see where I am on my protein/carb/fat count).    He feels that this is just another diet program and not a lifestyle.  It is a “jail”.  He is very resentful that I cannot have a drink or eat an appetizer at a party like everyone else.  I guess I am not very good at explaining the program to him!

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