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My name is Janet and I am a 65 year old grandmother.  I started the Genesis program in September of 2008 after being on vacation in Montana.  My daughter, Kristin Bodeen, had been on the program, lost tons of weight and looked fantastic!!  While we were there she watched what I ate and the amounts I was eating.  We had a reversal of roles and she explained how I was trying to lose weight in the wrong way.  I was not eating enough and not eating the right things, so my body was holding on to the fat afraid that I was not going to feed it.  I was so proud of her and all she had accomplished, but I was not sure I would be able to do it.


I agreed to give Genesis a try and she introduced me to Jamie.  I met with Jamie a few days before leaving Montana and my journey began.  I started the fueling stage and was doing fine.  I could not believe the amounts I had to eat and yet I did not gain weight, all because I was eating the right things and in the right amounts.
However, in December it all came to a screeching halt.  I had my second total knee replacement and after surgery I had zero appetite.  There was absolutely no way I could eat 2600 calories a day.  I took a break and started again several months later.  A few years ago I went on vacation with my daughter’s family and had to ride a Jazzy or be pushed in a wheelchair at Disneyland and Sea World because of my knees.  I have read that for every pound you are overweight it is an extra four pounds of pressure on your knees.  I know I need to be good to my new knees and Genesis has helped me to lose weight and be able to do that.
There were many times along the way that I became discouraged, but Kristin and Jamie were always there to talk over my frustrations and keep me going.  After being on Genesis for a short time, my doctor cut my cholesterol medication dosage in half and now I am off the medication completely.  I was taking anti-inflammatory meds for my knees and have now switched to a willow bark herb.  To me, that is a really big thing to be able to go off both of those medications.
Before starting the program I had the mentality that it was part of my age to be less active and a little heavier.  The program has helped me to learn how to eat healthy and the weight loss was a great big bonus.  I now know what it is like to be a healthy senior citizen.  I started out at 135 and my original goal weight was 120.  I ended up at 115 and I am now in the maintenance program. Twenty pounds may not seem like much to lose.  However, I am only 5 feet 0 inches tall, so 20 pounds on me is more like 40 pounds on someone taller.  Even though I am 65 and don’t need to look like a twenty year old, it does make me feel good that I can fit into size 4 jeans.  I also like the comments I get from some people on the way I look and questions on how I did it.
I am grateful to Kristin for caring about me and me health and introducing me to the Genesis program. I owe a lot to Jamie for her knowledge and for her patience with me.  She was instrumental in helping to achieve and surpass my goal weight and to keep me motivated through our telephone conversations and sessions in Montana.  Thanks to both Genesis and Jamie for making me a healthier person!!

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