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I have been heavy all my life….ok I have been obese for most of my life.  There I said it.  It is in black and white print for all to see.  I started on diets at age 12.  I took thyroid pills that made me sick when I was very active…not a good way to live, but I lost 30 pounds and that was good.  But I put them back on plus a few more in 4 years and thus started an up/down cycle that would go on for 45 years.

Jan M.

I have been on the grapefruit diet, apple cider/lecithin, Nutri System, Atkins, South Beach, 500 calorie a day liquid diet(like Oprah back in the 80s), 6 week makeover , LA Weightloss, just to name a few.  I signed up for the “Biggest Loser online program” but then didn’t follow it because it seemed so impersonal.  I was getting ready to try Jenny Craig but I really didn’t want another packaged food program. I knew I needed to lose weight but I also wanted to just get healthy.  I have a little problem with atrial fibrillation, my lower back hurts and my feet are killing me with plantar fasciitis.  I know I am getting old but I don’t like “feeling” old.  I knew I needed to change my lifestyle but didn’t know how to start.

My husband and I live in Arizona and travel in our RV each summer around the US and we were in Kalispell in August.  We stopped at the brewery in Lakeside and they had Montana Women’s Magazine.  So while eating a delicious lunch, I leafed through the magazine and saw the ad for Genesis Transformation COD Retreat.  It sounded interesting and I went on the website.  I was really intrigued now and I wrote Sheri.  She wrote back and I signed up for the Retreat at COD Ranch.

I feel very fortunate that I could start my transformation with a total immersion into the program.  I got educated.  I found out why that old theory of calories in and calories out doesn’t work.  I found out why my cycle of dieting didn’t work.  I found out why my metabolism was “dead”. Being a process-oriented person, I needed an explanation of why I had such a problem.  Why could my brother eat everything in sight and never gain weight?  Sheri explained everything.  And she had a step-by-step proven process on how to get healthy.  She made sense!  And her passion was infectious! The Yoga every day with Samantha was great!  And the food!  I couldn’t believe how much food everyone was eating!  I remarked to everyone that I had never been in a room with 9 women with so much food on everyone’s plates…and they even went back for seconds!  This was amazing!   It was also very helpful to meet other women and hear their stories that were similar to mine.  And meeting Lisa, who lost 100 pounds, made it all real for me.   Maybe I could do this!  Maybe if I treated my body right for a change, it would react the way I wanted and drop the pounds.  Maybe at the age of 59 I could finally get healthy!

So one month has passed since I arrived at the COD Ranch.  I have dropped over 11 pounds.  My blood pressure has dropped from 140/85 (last spring) to 101/68.  Isn’t that amazing?  I realized I was addicted to salt and I have dropped my sodium intake from over 3000 mg a day to 300-600 mg a day.  I think that is why my blood pressure has dropped.  I feel great and I am eating all the time.  My husband says the food I am cooking now has so much more flavor than my old style of cooking.  That is because we are eating real healthy food with natural spices and NO added salt! (how I love salsa!) I take a Yoga/Pilates class 3 times a week and I find that I can do more and more of the exercises each day.

I feel blessed to have found Genesis Transformation.  I feel blessed that I have Samantha as my coach.  I feel like I am finally on my way to getting healthy and leading a more active life.  This time I plan to get rid of the “fat” clothes that I have always kept in reserve when I have gone on a diet, knowing in the back of my mind that I will probably need them again.  This time I am doing it right, thanks to Sheri and Genesis Transformation!


Watch for Jan’s Journey monthly in our newsletter – Jan’s graciously agreed to allow us to follow her progress and let you in on her transformation, in her own words…  – Sheri Lynn

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