Sheri’s Rants #20: Perspective

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It’s hot where I live.  The sun heats up about 9 or 10 am and carries on through the day – culminating in an over-abundance of heat  right about midday.  It’s good to get out early if I want to move around outside.

I’ve shared with you (Rant #19) a recent injury with my ribs – and I’m recovering very nicely, thank you.  Healing quickly – as we tend to do when we’re healthy.  So this morning I was ready to go for a slow careful walk with the dogs – and we headed out right before 7 am.

I was careful about picking my way a long an easy, wide dirt lane above the Valley floor – nothing technical about it.  Just had to be careful with the ‘ol ribs and watch any jostling.  Which made for an interesting gait.  I gave the few other walkers, runners and dogs a wide berth for safety.  I wore my Vibram Five Fingers.   Odd looking shoes; they look like gloves for the feet.  I’ve worn them for a few years and many of my clients wear them – they make a distinct difference with foot musculature and how the core is used.

It took me maybe 30 minutes to get about 1/4 mile.  I’m telling you, I’m in early recovery.  This is some gingerly walking.  I had time to smile and exchange a couple words with the ‘more fit’ folks cruising past me at more serious speeds.  I had time to smell the morning air, appreciate the sunny glow on the tops of the orange orchards below me and revel in the breathtaking view of the Valley.  I was really enjoying being outside and feeling grateful to be moving at all.   A couple weeks of downtime has been fairly heady stuff.

A spry gentleman cruised passed me with a disapproving look.  I didn’t take it personally.  He came back down the other way to pass me again – and in a thick British accent said “You are very brave to be out here walking in THOSE shoes.”  I laughed.  He kept going.

A half hour later or so I’d gratefully made it back to my car, and was loading up my dogs when this gentleman approached me again.  He must have waited, in order to advise me:  “Look” he said “you’d probably be able to walk at a regular pace if you wore real shoes.”

“Oh,” I replied in my friendliest top-of-the-morning voice “I’ve been wearing these for years.”

“Well they not serving you, and if you get some real runners you’ll be able to walk normally.”  He seemed concerned and agitated.

“Oh no!  I’m not walking this way because of my SHOES…” and before I could explain my oddly slow gait he sharply retorted that “Some people will go through ANYTHING to be right” and stomped off.

I agreed.

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