Power of Six Workout 2: Chest and Quads

Posted on July 10, 2009 by


The next promised installment on the Power of Six workouts.

What is the Power of Six?  Here’s a recap on the theory:  the first couple sets of an exercise are bringing blood to the muscles that you want to train.  So for an intermediate to advanced lifter, you want to think in terms of getting your body’s energy focused on the area you want to train.  Once you have the attention of those muscles, then you are actually TRAINING those muscles.  For a beginner, it’s more important to spread out the training to the entire body and this level of detail is not so important, unless you are entirely into the Joy of Muscular Recovery (i.e. soreness).


Set 1: do these 2 exercises back to back 6 times, with 60 sec between each superset

PUSHUPS – 15 reps or to failure.  You can do these off the side of a bench if you can only do a couple on the floor…

FRONT SQUATS – 20 reps.  Feet and knees together, arms crossed with hands on opposite shoulders.  Sit back into the squat like you’re going to sit in a chair, rather than coming forward onto your toes.  Stay back on all four corners of your feet.

Set 2: do these back to back 6 times, up to 1.5 minutes between each superset

INCLINE FLYES – 15 reps, medium dumbbells.  Keep your bench about 30 degrees (or less) incline.  Any higher and you’re working your shoulders, not your pecs!

ONE-LEGGED STEP UPS – 15 each leg.  Use a tall bench (challenge yourself).  At the bottom, one foot is on the bench and the other on the floor.  Be CLOSE to the bench so that you can isolate the quad.  Put as much work into the foot on the bench to lift you as possible (rather than pushing off with the foot on the floor!)  Rise up on the elevated leg, lifting the knee of the non-working leg at the top and slowly lowering back to start.  Use perfect posture and go slow.