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There was a time when I couldn’t figure out how I was going to fit Genesis into my lifestyle, but when I changed the scenario and fit my lifestyle into Genesis amazing things started to happen.


Mary Anne

In acknowledging the “amazing things”, I discovered that being grateful for where I started and how I got there would be part of the process. Rather than fighting with the past and the old knowledge of what I thought would make me feel good, loose weight and become more healthy, I embraced it and said “Goodbye, Thank You, you have served your purpose” …. the high protein, the sugarless, the famous names with the meetings, consultations and pre-packaged food, the liquid, the soup, the plums, the injections….Thank you to you all. If I hadn’t gone through the yo-yo, liquid and sensible diets, I wouldn’t have been ready for Genesis. The many pounds I put on in the process of trying to “diet” only serve me now as evidence of what is the wrong way to feed my body. I am so thankful that I learned these lessons so well that I am now in a place to be so accepting of what is the perfect fuel for the body.

I am grateful that my sister in law and wonderful friend, Jodee , persisted until I would give this a chance, skeptical as I was. For my coach, Jamie, the gratitude is boundless. She stuck with me through months of resistance and could have called it quits. I am thankful that she didn’t give up on me and for the lesson of patience. Samantha’s spirit has touched a place I thought untouchable and a new flower of living blossomed inside me because of her yoga and her teachings. Genesis is easy because founder Sheri Lynn has done the research and all you have to do is open your mind and listen. She says it all and she says it in a way that makes sense. She is the walking example of what she teaches so eloquently. Her speeches, writings, quotes, personal lifestyle, character, humor, physical appearance, friendships and effortless authenticity are so inspirational that I can’t help but be grateful.

Each morning I wake up happier and grateful for that. Post menopausal ups and downs have been tempered so by the right food and exercise for where I am at any given time that I am grateful for being the age I am for the first time. I have recently been informed by testing that my personal trainer does with an on line service that I have dropped my physical age by 14 years.

Our daughter has a two story house and I recently realized that I don’t get out of breath no matter how many times I go up and down her stairs even if I am packing our 28 month old grandson. I can also run and play with him and get up and down off the floor and spin and roll and do whatever he thinks up. Do you think I am grateful for that?

For the first time in my life, I have purged the closet and the clothes that were too big have left the house. Previously, I would have saved them for the possible time when I might need them. My mind is changed. Months have gone by and my habits changed slowly, but my mind changed too. I don’t see myself physically looking like my old self ever. However this happened, I am grateful. I didn’t even have to make any effort that I was aware of to get this benefit!

Okay, enough you say, but even being grateful makes me feel better. So far I am grateful for too much fat, a stubborn streak, getting older. I embrace these things and now by doing so I am reversing them all.

My only hope from Genesis to begin with was to feel better. Thanks to Genesis, I felt better at the outset. All of the other benefits weren’t promised, but somehow every part of my life is just getting better and better. I keep discovering new things to be grateful for and I think it is because I am expecting them and looking for them. Is it never-ending? I am grateful for that and it shows on my face. Smiling, even-tempered, patient, energetic …. And I even appreciate how available water is everywhere, the people who serve food to me in a restaurant the way I request it, the personal trainer who is helping to resculpt my body and listens to what I eat each day in amazement, and sleep, glorious sleep. The less I resist change, the rest of my universe follows suit. It is fascinating and I love it.

How fascinating it is to discover losing the unnecessary part of the body is something to be grateful for too.  I am no longer concerned so much about pounds as overall fitness.  So far I do not mourn the loss of five and one half inches, two pants sizes and three and one half percent body fat. In the gains department, I have gained 4 inches in flexibility.

Each day is better than the last —- how good is that!?!

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