Choose to be Successful NOW! – Samantha Gilman

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“Every day, in every moment, you get to exercise choices that will determine whether or not you will become a great person, living a great life.  Greatness is not something predetermined, predestined or carved into your fate by forces beyond your control.  Greatness is always in the moment of the decision.” A quote by Jeff Olson the author of “The Slight Edge”.

IMG_1314R_46[1]_2_2All we have is this present moment, we can not live in the past and we can not live in our futures.  Yet many tend to base their current choices on their past or the future…….”nothing has worked for me before why would I try something new?”,  “I can’t start now because it is almost summer and I am to busy, I’ll start in the fall.”, or “I don’t like what the scale said today so I am going to have a glass of wine.”  We can choose to live in this present moment (which is all we really have) and use our our personal POWER to make choices that are either going to serve us towards greatness or veer us off track from our goals that we are trying to accomplish.  Life is full of choices each and every day.  This is a gift because each day you can CHOOSE to bring more greatness into your life.  Or through your daily choices you can choose to bring in more negativity and degeneration.  Wow, did you realize the power that you have access to each and EVERY day?   The only person it is up to is you……plain and simple.  YOU are the one responsible!!

You can use your personal power to embody a lean, healthy, fit, and gorgeous person by making choices that will support you in attaining this goal.  There is also the flip side of that and you can make choices that diminish your own personal power and will sabotage your success in reaching your goals.  We all know what those choices look like…..right?………the excuses, justifications, procrastination, cheating, self-sabotage, in- congruencies, etc.  These choices actually take us in the opposite direction from our goals and lead us towards degeneration and perceived failure.  This goes for any area of our lives, not just with our health.

So be real and truthful with yourself and ask what are your really choosing in your daily present moments?  Do your choices serve you and promote your greatness?  or do they do the opposite?  This can be easier said than done to manage because of all of the noise and stories we carry around in our heads.  It takes discipline and diligence in developing awareness to tell the noise “thank you very much” and see it for what it is…….just noise!!  This level of awareness allows you to utilize your present moment to make choices to create greatness that are not based on the noise and stories in your head.   The power resides within you and what YOU choose every day…….those seemingly small daily choices make HUGE differences.  So I invite you to ask yourself the next time one of those self-sabotaging noisy thoughts enter your head, “Which choice would truly serve me in accomplishing my goal?”  Stop listening to the noise of excuses, stories, and old tapes running between your ears once and for all!  Make NOW THE GOOD TIME to take the steps necessary to achieve your health, success,  happiness, and greatness!!  After all the now is all that you have!!

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