Sheri’s Rants # 15: You, Me and Integrity

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DSC_8166_2One of the more challenging pieces of this Transformation work is the ability to maintain integrity between what we SAY we are doing and what we are actually DOING.  With ourselves.  The lack of congruency from people who consider themselves ‘very honest’ is astounding when it comes to what we are putting into our mouths!

We have such histories of feeding ourselves tales, stories, and downright BS about what we stuff into the pie-hole; excuses, rationalizations, reasons…

I hired Joe M, a titled bodybuilder and personal trainer, to help me rid my body of the thirty pounds of fat that had inexplicably crept up on my body. I shared my mystification with him, explaining the cleanliness of my diet and the religiousness of my fervent exercise.  I told Joe that I was completely befuddled as to what was happening with my body.  I remember feeling annoyed that he wasn’t impressed as I expressed the lengths I was going to for my fitness – in fact he looked like he’d heard it before.  When he measured my body-fat and it was twenty percent higher than what was healthy for me at that age I fought desperately for some recognition that it wasn’t ‘that bad’.  He did not respond to this at all!
Joe asked me to keep a food journal by hand.  I told him there was no need, I could rattle off verbatim what I ate since it was the same every day.  He repeated his request a little more emphatically.  I did not believe this was a necessary step for me, and felt it was wasting my time.  I wanted him to just give me the quick fix.  I fortunately understood the value of following directions, so I complied.
I was in the habit of baking my boyfriend brownies, cookies or cake and leaving it on the kitchen counter.  When I would come home hungry from work, I would eat ‘a bite’ of whatever goodie was laying around to stave off my hunger while I cooked dinner.  The funny part is that my boyfriend lived six hundred miles away and was not a frequent visitor.  On top of that, a ‘bite’ turned out to be about five to six hundred calories at a whack – I would tell myself I’d have a bite, and then I’d have another one, and another, yet in my mind I had only had one bite!  And that one bite didn’t count, because I ‘don’t eat sugar’ and the goodies were for someone else!  Oh the deception!  I was shocked at the reality of my eating.  And the weekends!  Going out to dinner, Sunday brunch, random snacking – I abandoned all my healthy eating habits for the entire weekend!  I had no idea.  The reality of my denial was a revelation.  Through food journaling, I learned a valuable lesson that has served me well.  The lesson had more to do with how much I’d been fooling myself about my eating than anything else!
I am frequently asked what I do if a client ‘lies’ or misrepresents their food intake in Genesis.  That is not the problem of the coach.  It is an issue you have with you.  Our bodies change as the picture we have in our minds of where we want to go becomes congruent with what we say we are doing and what we are actually doing (you might want to read that again).  The tighter our integrity becomes, the tighter our bodies become!

We wouldn’t think we’d have to say to grown-ups “Work on putting into your food journal your actual food intake – not what makes the numbers look good or the pieces fit!” but we do.  And it’s not because folks intentionally lie!  It’s generally because we come from a messed up place with our integrity and congruency when it comes to food – it’s part of that “Diet Head” thinking we’ve talked about.  Pulling that piece together makes all the difference.  It’s truly ridiculous to get impatient with our bodies if our brains aren’t even straight with our food journaling!

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