Sheri’s Rants # 7 : DIET HEAD

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It is literally impossible for eating clean and moderately exercising NOT to work for fat loss with the human body.  That is just simple chemistry.
Sometimes your body will hold it’s weight on the scale for a bit as it works out some healing or, if you have a history of dieting, your body has to learn to trust you, heal up, and then will move forward. In any case, what is imperative is to trust your body to  get healthy.   The fat loss is a result of that health.   Amazingly, once you relax and trust the process, things will move along just fine!

A high anxiety level and obsessing over ‘when will the scale move?’ is usually an indication of what I call ‘Diet Head’; the state of mind of a person who has spent a significant amount of time dieting.   ‘Diet Head’ is the mental habit of worry, harangue, and self hate directed toward the body.  The scale becomes the center of focus, ignoring all other physical benefits.  Not surprisingly, this type of thinking does not move things along quicker; it will actually slow the body down due to the stress involved.  Frequently a person with ‘Diet Head’ will tell me that their weight is not moving, the process is not working, and I have to point out to them that they lost a pound this last week!  ‘Well,’ goes the typical response, ‘I want it to move faster.’  ‘But,’ says I, ‘last week you said if you could just see a drop you’d be satisfied.  You got that drop, your body did what you wanted,  is that not good enough?  What would be good enough?’  ‘5 lbs’ is a normal retort.

Unfortunately enough, a five pound loss in one week is not fat loss.  That is physiologically impossible.  The ‘Diet Head’ is not thinking in terms of health – just in terms of scale fixation.  And this thinking is primarily what is wrong with what is going on in that person’s body. If this person DID get the ‘weight loss’ overnight, they wouldn’t know what to do with it.  It certainly would not last.  This is documented plenty in the world of fast ‘weight’ loss.   When that weight inevitably is regained it will  be even more fat and much less muscle (the term is yo-yo dieting).

Genesis Transformation works with the head as much as the body – it is impossible to separate the two.  It is really important to get to where this is fun – to where you enjoy the changes, the energy, the lightness in your step, the strength in the gym, the lack of pain, the absence of worrying symptoms.  Look for and focus on the things that are going right!  Above all, commit to finishing.  You are going to hit many, many walls on this journey as your mind changes.  Commit to hanging in there to the end.

Look: if your head already knew how to handle this you wouldn’t need Genesis.  No one comes to this work because what they were doing on their own proved fruitful!  Your best thinking got you to where you are in all areas of your life.  Put down the ‘Diet Head’ and be willing to think in a new direction, one that supports your health and allows you to enjoy yourself!

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