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by Will Craig
(sent to me by Jayla McNamee)

Is it possible to become successful just by thinking about it?

Research has proven that the mind cannot tell the difference between a real occurrence and one that has been well-imagined. The moment you experience an event vividly in your imagination it is recorded as experience.

Mental Rehearsal
Picture this… Liu Chi Kung, a world-class pianist in the late 1950’s, was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution in China . After seven years without a piano he immediately resumed his concert tour. His fans said he played better than ever and wondered how this was possible. Kung said, ‘I rehearsed every piece I had ever played, note by note, in my mind.’

Mental rehearsal, or the process of visualization, can give you a competitive edge. Olympic athletes have used it in training for years and it works not only in sports but for every goal you set.

Thinking Your Way to Success
The next time you make a presentation, book an important appointment, or attempt a challenge outside your comfort zone, gain the edge. Practice mental rehearsal beforehand. You can think your way to success. You don’t need any special tools, it doesn’t cost anything, and you can begin right now. Picture that!

(Will Craig is Founder and President of Coach Training Alliance and co-author of the #1 best-selling coaching self-study course, the Coach Training Accelerator.)

Annette & Della

Annette & Della

How does this relate to fat loss and health? Oh, that’s an easy one: Your body won’t go anywhere your mind doesn’t go first.
If you focus on ill health and how many things you do not like about your body, it is very difficult to find the impetus in yourself to make behavioral changes. After all, if you stay the same, then the things you are saying are true!
If you focus on your health, your fitness, and where you DESIRE your body to be, then you will find it much much easier to adapt your behavior – in fact, it will happen like magic. It will come easily, because you will not be fighting an uphill battle.
Your body will always respond to your thinking. Adjust your thinking, and your body will follow!

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