How to Survive the Holidays!

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Here are a few ideas to help us make it through the holiday season:img_81651
1. Plan Ahead: If you are going out to dinner, research the menu online so
you know what to expect and you can plan your day around it
2. Potluck: Eat before you go and make something that will fit into your
plan. Pack something sweet, maybe a smoothie or a piece of fruit, so that
you will not be tempted to have dessert.
3. Alcohol: This is a tough one for many people. If you are rotating, stay
away, it is just not worth it. If you must, choose one occasion or party and
that will be your one opportunity during this season to splurge.
4. Honesty & Integrity: Put everything into Genesis. This process is about
being honest with yourself, your coach really does not care if you screw up,
we all do. This process is about YOUR habits and making changes in YOUR
life, not your coaches.
5. Talk with your coach: if you know you have a big day coming up, tell your
coach and we will plan your rotation around your event.

We are all human and things come up. The most important thing is to be
honest with yourself and do not take it personally. If you are going to
choose to eat something that does not work for you, you had better enjoy
every minute of it and do not be surprised when you weight is up the next
day. No big deal, jump right back into your rotation with more dedication
and integrity.

Have a great holiday season and have fun!!!

Jamie Lynn
Fitness Coach & Co owner of Alternate Root

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