Faster Fitness After 40??

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(Prevention Magazine)

Why Fitness Comes Faster After 40:

Nancy and Marilyn

Nancy and Marilyn, workin' on thier fitness!

Find out how regular workouts give you better endurance than a college student

By Marianne McGinnis (Marianne McGinnis is a former Prevention associate editor)

Surprise: You can actually get better results from embarking on an exercise program now than when you were in college, say Brazilian researchers. Sedentary women over age 60 who did the same twice-weekly strength and cardio exercise program as women ages 18 to 35 boosted their aerobic endurance 20% more, providing additional oxygen to fuel calorie-burning muscle and lowering their heart disease risk. Plus, both groups gained strength at exactly the same rate, and the older women were no more likely to get injured. Start your exercise program now: The more fit you are in your 40s, the easier it will be to maintain at 60 and beyond.



In my experience, there is absolutely no age limit on the ability to completely turn your body around!  Many, many times folks will say to me that “I should just give up and accept that I’m over (35, 40, 45, etc) and that this is the way it’s going to be.”  This is simply not true, and science backs it up.

Never give up on You.  The world is full of miracles, but the reality of good health is not a miracle.  It’s a decision.



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